10 documentaries for true crime fans

True crime is my jam. I like reading about it, watching it, listening to podcasts about it. So here are my top Netflix suggestions for you if you are a fan like me:

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
Episodes: 8
The Madeleine McCann documentary hit Netflix a couple of weeks ago and I binged it pretty quickly. It’s interesting to watch, uneasy at times, but definitely shows you the whole timeline of the case and, unlike the Michael Jackson documentary, includes witness accounts and contributions from the Portuguese and Metropolitan police, journalists, family members and friends of the McCann’s. I honestly doubt we’ll ever find out what happened that night in May 2007. But I personally have my reservations about all of the adults in that group who left their children alone in unlocked apartments whilst on holiday. All I’m saying is, THE SNIFFER DOGS DON’T LIE. Spoiler alert: she’s still not been found…
Making a Murderer season 2
Episodes: 10
The second season follows Steven Avery and his new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, as they continue to try and uncover what happened to Theresa Halbach. The season also updates us on Steven’s nephew Brendan Dassey and his two lawyers (of which Laura Nirider is amazing) who are trying to get him acquitted for a false coerced confession. This season is fascinating, eye opening and had me less on the fence about them both and Zellner kicks ass with her ruthless approach to investigating and uncovering what happened. It throws up some really interesting questions and theories for sure.
The Innocent Man
Episodes: 6
This documentary adaptation of John Grisham’s only non-fiction book questions two murder cases in Oklahoma in the 1980s. It focuses on Ron Williamson, the man who served 11 years on death row for a crime he did not commit and examines the potentially false confessions of four men. Similar to Making a Murderer, it makes you question the intentions of American County Sheriff Departments…
Murder Mountain
Episodes: 6
This was such a good watch all about the illegal marijuana plantations in Humboldt County California, in particular Alder Point area also known as ‘Murder Mountain’. Humboldt has the highest number of missing person cases in the state of California and this series looks in detail at one case in particular, that of Garret Rodriguez who moved there to make quick money but mysteriously disappeared. This series touches on both the black market and medicinal marijuana market and the families who live here.
The Keepers
Episodes: 7
This 7 episode series centres around the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik who taught English and Drama at Catholic school in Baltimore in the 1960s. It is thought that Sister Cathy disappeared after she suspected Priest Joseph Maskill of sexually abusing girls at the school.  Former students of Cathy’s have set up a group that aims to uncover what happened to her, retelling their accounts with the priest and what became of him and others since Sister Cathy’s death. This really reminded me of the film Spotlight all about the investigative journalism that uncovered the widespread child abuse by numerous Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area. It’s shocking how these religious institutions and individuals within them can abuse their power and positions of trust.
Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy 
Episodes: 4
For those that don’t know much about this creep, this series will give you a great overview of his crimes with some real tape recordings thrown in. Another example of how a handsome, well educated individual can use these factors to mislead young women and prey on the innocent.
Abducted in Plain Sight
1 episode
THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. This may just be the craziest and most out there Netflix true crime documentary I’ve watched. I had an hour and a half of ‘What the hell’ and ‘Wait a sec did he just admit to that?’ one Sunday evening. The story surrounds Jan Broburg, a young girl of 9 who got abducted, twice, by the same man. The weird thing? He was a good family friend who Jan’s Mum and Dad gladly let into their home, with minimal questions asked. I won’t give too many spoilers because it really is mental when you realise what happened. This documentary has it all. Kidnap, aliens, a pair of very, very naive parents… oh a really random hand job.
The Confession Tapes
Episodes: 7
This series presents 6 possible cases of false confessions leading to murder convictions for those involved. Other possible theories are presented and you get to hear the confessions from the defendants themselves, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions. It leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air and can be particularly harrowing at points, but is a great watch for those fascinated by false confessions.
The Staircase
Episodes: 13
Quite a mammoth docu-series this one, but mind boggling nonetheless. If you don’t know the case of Michael Peterson, American author, convicted of murdering his wife Kathleen, then prepare to have your mind blown. The series dances around the idea that Kathleen fell down a set of stairs in the Peterson family home and died. The 911 call is very strange. The theories surrounding what happened to Kathleen even stranger. The family are odd. I for one think he did it but watch for yourself and see if you think Kathleen’s injuries marry up with with a tumble down the stairs…
Evil Genius
Episodes: 4
This is an easy watch for those of you not wanting too many episodes. One of the most diabolical American bank heists and the murder of Brian Wells (known as the ‘pizza bomber’ case) where he was forced to commit robbery with a bomb strapped around his neck. The series becomes a bit haunting as the conspiracy is unravelled in a series of interviews with the suspects, victims and their families.
Let me know if you have watched/do watch any of these!

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    1. So sorry for only responding – I’ve been on holiday in Florida! Yeah Making a Murderer, especially the 2nd season, is sooo compelling! I hope you find some new ones in the list to enjoy 🙂 thanks for reading! Tiff x

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