Why staycations can be the best vacations

A lot can be said for the humble UK break. It was all I ever knew growing up. My Mum and Dad would pack us into the car, up to our eyeballs in suitcases and pillows, the windbreak and bucket and spades crammed between us, for the 5 hour drive down to Cornwall nearly every year until we were 16 – and we loved it. We knew no different. But we did know we were in for 2 weeks of relaxed parenting, ice cream on tap and pretty much an anything-goes attitude whilst away from our usual routine.

Nowadays, we have the world so readily available to us. We can catch a flight so easily to a far flung destination that our grandparents couldn’t have imagined even 50 years ago. But even though I love exploring a new country and culture, embracing my own once in a while can be so rewarding. 

There are many benefits to a UK staycay – whether it be a 3 night long weekend, or a full week of relaxation somewhere that takes your fancy:


No baggage allowance headaches.
No 100ml restrictions. I can take my extensive perfume collection to the coast of Cornwall if I want to. It’s nice to pack full size bottles of things for the week and not worry about kilograms and dimensions. Just bung it in the boot and go.

Only one mode of transport is (usually) required.
For us we packed up the car and drove the easy enough route to Cornwall. Yeah you may want to get a plane to Scotland, but coastal holidays are usually a one-type travel destination – by car. No parking at the airport. No shuttle bus. No waiting on the runway to leave in a stream of other planes. You can easily spend a day or more travelling to your holiday abroad. Once the drive is out the way in the UK, you’re there ready to start enjoying yourself.

IMG_6334 2

We live in a beautiful country.
As soon as you take yourself away from the bustling cities and crowded towns to the quieter coastal locations, you’ll realise how rejuvenating it can be to be around nature. The bracing walks along the coastal path and slower ambles along the shoreline on my holiday really made me feel energised and relaxed all at the same time. There’s something about breathing in the sea air and listening to the waves instead of traffic that eases the mind and re-centres you.

Money money money.
Chances are you’ll spend a helluva lot let less than you would if you’d booked flights, transfers and a hotel somewhere abroad. We had a self catering holiday home that slept all 5 of us, for £120 each for the week. Add on another £30 each for a food shop and you have a week away with food and booze included for £150 per person. Bargain!


Seasons don’t apply (if you’re not fussy…)
We went to Cornwall during the first week of October. Wrapping up for misty, windy walks added to the charm of an autumnal break away and if any sunnier spells broke through, that was a bonus! There’s something magical about being tucked away on holiday during the colder months, or enjoying our very own doorstep in the sunshine. There’s a place for a UK holiday whatever season we’re in.

If you haven’t been to Cornwall before, I urge you to go. No wonder Mum and Dad took us there every year as children. Not only is it easier to travel to with the kids, but it really is such a beautiful part of the country.

The coastline is so rugged and atmospheric. A lot of the small seaside towns are still unspoilt and traditional, welcoming holidaymakers every summer and quietening down out of season. The locals make it that little bit more special too. Friendly and so laid back, they make you appreciate the slower pace down in the Westcountry. Plus they have pasties, cider and cornish cream teas aplenty.

We visited Newquay, Perranporth and Polly Joke, walking miles every day – including pub trips and fudge shopping.

Walking to Polly Joke beach
Polly Joke beach to ourselves!

Reading 2 books, listening to my music, eating fresh food and spending quality time with my family off my phone and laptop made it a holiday to really remember. Kind of ironic how I did record a lot of our trip to share with you, but I think capturing memories can be an exception! Check out my YouTube video HERE (and please subscribe, it would make my day!) 🙂

Do you have a favourite holiday spot in the UK?

With love and lots of UK holiday appreciation,
Tiff xx


2 thoughts on “Why staycations can be the best vacations

  1. They are so much more chilled. There’s almost an expectation when you go abroad that ‘you must do this and go there’. As much as I love going abroad haha. Xxx

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