A weekend in Burnham on Sea, Somerset

If you’ve read any of my past travel posts by now, you’ll know I LOVE a girly holiday. When we knew our lovely Emma was returning for a few weeks from New Zealand, we arranged a cheapy weekend away in sunny Somerset. We chose a caravan holiday because a) they’re so fun! and b) I get a discount through work for our great Haven sites all around the country. 
The park itself is lovely. Haven parks are aimed at families but have a whole host of activities to try on site for all ages. We had a go at mini golf and hired the go karts for an hour and rode them around the park like loonies let loose! The indoor and outdoor pools looked great and when the sun was shining, the sun loungers are an enviable location to be in around the pool. There’s pottery painting, climbing walls, pedalos and the traditional arcade as well as daytime and evening entertainment.
The fishing lakes at Burnham are beautiful, I got up early on Sunday to take a leisurely stroll around them and loved seeing the ducklings, geese and fishermen on the shore. Fresh air and sunshine makes for a brilliant start to the day!
I’m not biased because I work for them, but Haven parks are a great option for those that don’t want to pay premium prices when exploring a new area. They are all located either on or nearby the coast around the UK so make for a great place to use as a base when you want to wander around somewhere new. The Burnham on Sea park had a road leading right onto the promenade and beachfront which we walked along in the sunshine and bought an ice cream to enjoy by the seaside – classic!
Our weekend was full of cute animals too, a gorgeous black cat wandered into our caravan on Friday night for a fuss and was the friendliest little feline! We met some of Emma’s friends from uni who brought along their gorgeous cocker spaniel  Teddy! And when we dined out on Saturday night at the local Dunstan Inn pub, we were accompanied through dinner by a gorgeous dog who sat next to us (probably wanting our leftovers but still giving us some love). If you have a pooch, you can get dog-friendly caravans at Haven too so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog with someone while you’re away – bonus!
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For me, time away with my friends is so uplifting and makes me feel so happy! As we’re all removed from our daily lives and routines, us girls become so daft and can really switch off, unwind and go back to the simple pleasures in life – enjoying getting outside, eating nice food, sharing a bottle of wine and talking for England.
If you’re considering a weekend break, Haven do really reasonable Fri-Mon breaks (and the vans are nicer than you might think – don’t judge until you’ve seen for yourself what a prestige caravan has to offer!). Have you any trips booked with friends this year? My next one is Copenhagen in August and I’m so excited!

Hey, if you fancy watching the video I created of the weekend, go check out of my YouTube channel HERE – and maybe subscribe? I really appreciate it 🙂
With love for getaways and my girlies,

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