A brilliant Bank Holiday: Blenheim food festival

It’s been 3 days since the bank holiday weekend and I’m still thinking of the food festival me and Lucy went to at Blenheim Palace on Monday. No, we’re not the ‘getting-drunk-in-the-club’ types. We love food. FREE food. So this bank holiday, we were our true foodie selves and hit the freebies at the festival, all in the beautiful setting of Blenheim Palace.

Now, if you know me, you’ll know I love my grub. Cooking it, eating it, reading about it, watching cooking programmes. So this was a real gem of a find by Luce when we said we fancied going to our first food festival of the year.

You get your local businesses as well as some from further afield who want to show off their wares and give you a free nibble in the hope of you buying something. This festival had it going on. It had a cheese and chilli section for a start. I mean, dreamy. The main area for hot food included Mexican, Indian, Italian, Greek, French, American and more. We started our day with some delicious crepes (mine had brie in it with caramelised onions and rocket, Lucy’s had cheddar with mushrooms and spinach) and oh my lord it was gooooooood.
After filling our tummy for the first time that day, we headed to the pleasure gardens and took a stroll through the Butterfly House. I think I came out 2lbs lighter because it was bloody hot in there! But cute nonetheless. The model village as you walk into the lawn area was really sweet and then we headed into the depths of the maze (they say it takes 25 minutes to solve, but we did it in less – go us!)
We headed back in the direction of food to quench our thirst and get some dessert. There were plenty of cute pop up bars where we enjoyed £4 g&t’s (not bad I thought!) and there were free samples of craft beers, chocolate wine and toffee vodka to name a few.
Sweet options were another thing altogether. Lucy filled up at the Crumble Shack, where you pick your flavour of filling and top with whatever crumble you desire. They had pear and sultana, cherry, apple and a whole host of crumble options including gingerbread and chocolate! So. Freaking. Good. The star of the dessert show for me though, was the cannoli. This one guy was manning his little cannoli cart and the queue never let up! Lucy had lemon and I had hazelnut and I think it was the best couple of minutes I’ve spent with food in a long time, as wrong as that sounds.
Once we’d done our first lap of the food festival, we walked towards the palace where we went round the front and had a photoshoot (obvs) before wandering further into the formal gardens overlooking the lakes. It was cloudy but humid and the area is so pretty.
We ended up being a couple of big kids and paid 50p for the little train to take us back for round 2 of the food festival, where Lucy tried the yummiest ravioli and I munched on some fresh onion bhajis and samosas from the Indian food stand.
I ended up buying some delicious smoked cheese, local pork scratchings for me and my Dad and some sweet chilli jam. Oh, and I can’t forget my chocolate peanut butter all the way from Mevagissey in Cornwall that uses no palm oil! I’ve been having it on toast and in my smoothies with banana and almond milk and it’s so nice!
Have you ever been to a food festival or Blenheim Palace? What did you do with your Bank Holiday Weekend?

With love and in search of the next foodie destination..

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