5 books that helped my mind

Blimey, a bit of time has passed since my last post! But all for good reason. I’ve been a bit busy living my life. I’ve not been that active on the old social media and it’s been a dream if I’m honest! I’ve been seeing friends, started up running again and reading more to help calm my mind during a busy time. Fiction or non-fiction, these books helped me step back, accept certain aspects of my life and not get so caught up on the little things. I’d recommend these to anyone going through a busy or low period, looking for a distraction and an uplifting read in order to escape for a little while – big love! ❤

My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella
One of the best chick-lit books I’ve read of late. Couldn’t put it down. Witty, fun and full of real life similarities that I completely identified with. If you’re sometimes sat there thinking ‘what is my plan?! What am I doing with my life?!’ or worrying that your life doesn’t match up to those of people you see on Instagram* – give this a go and see that life ain’t all that bad!

*NB: perceptions on instagram are just that – PERCEPTIONS! It’s the best bits of a person’s life and 99% doesn’t showcase reality so try not get too bogged down when scrolling.


Some Kind of Wonderful – Giovanna Fletcher
Probably one of my all-time fave authors, Giovanna writes such down to earth and relatable fiction. My sister got me this for Christmas and I read it in 3 days near enough. The story is all about Lizzy, 28 year old interior designer who has been with her boyfriend for 10 years since uni. She comes home from a holiday to Dubai with no engagement ring and no boyfriend and the book follows her through that unhinging period after a breakup. I related so much to some of the parts of her life (living with parents, comparing yourself to other people who seem to be soaring ahead in their 5 year plans etc etc) but the message is one of hope, happiness and seeing some kind of wonderful in what you do have. One for us strong independent women to read and laugh along to for sure!


The 4 Pillar Plan – Dr Rangan Chatterjee
My first non-fiction book of the year and one which has helped me in so many ways. This book isn’t a fad diet, or ridiculously hardcore exercise plan. It’s about health as a whole, treating your body with respect so you can feel your best day to day. Dr Rangan’s thinking is all about progressive medicine and preventing and reversing illness with the power of food, movement, sleep and relaxation. Through changing small parts of our life, we can actually rid ourselves of the everyday ailments without the need for drugs. A lot of people are quick to poo-poo a new health book released after Christmas, but this one has opened my eyes and helped me keep my eczema under control, increase my energy levels and help me sleep better. SO worth it in my eyes – visit his website here for more information about his philosophy – it may change your life!


The Little Big Things – Henry Fraser
This book had me crying, smiling and feeling overwhelmed with inspiration. Henry is a local Berko boy and I first heard about his story on Twitter. After suffering a spinal cord injury which left him quadraplegic, Henry has overcome the hard times to push through and live his life with no limits. Now an acclaimed mouth painter and author, his story is inspiring so many people and it shows great grit, determination and power of mind. A stark reminder that your life can change in a second and I finished the book feeling uplifted, inspired and thankful for the little big things more so than ever.


Watermelon – Marian Keyes
If you haven’t read a Marian Keyes book then I can’t recommend them enough! So hilarious, heartwarming and upbeat, it had me chuckling from the outset and there are so many parts (minus the whole having a baby thing) that made me go ‘Yep, been there, done that’. I always admire authors that can make the corners of your mouth lift and leave you feeling happier. Get some of this ladies’ books in your life and let the laughter out, it feels good.


Do you have any book recommendations? If so, send them my way! I’m always on the lookout for a new read that will have me wrapped up in a different world for a while.

Much love my little bookworms,

Tiff xx

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