Tips for Travelling Long Haul

With only 6 days until me and Sally jet off to Costa Rica for 2 weeks of sun, sea and plenty of exploring, I wanted to put together my tips for travelling long haul – a kind of tick list I’ve gone through prior to getting on that plane.

Does the country you’re visiting require any jabs or a course of malaria tablets? It’s easy to just book in with the nurse at your local doctors surgery for a quick 10 minute appointment to go over what you need and if there are any costs involved. It’s good to do this at least 6-9 weeks before you travel in case you need a course of injections.

Find out the local currency and do your research. It takes a little bit longer but it’s really beneficial to look around online when purchasing currency. I got mine from Tesco and it was ready to pick up in store within 3 working days. I got more for my money with them than TUI or Thomas Cook. Also, some countries (like Costa Rica) accept a couple of difference currencies. I went for the local currency of colÓn rather than dollars, as you are more likely to get change and don’t need to do any conversions whilst away.

Does the country your holidaying in require a visa upon entry? Costa Rica has an exit fee, but no visa required. The US requires you to have an ESTA and countries further afield like Australia require you to have a tourist visa.

Holiday insurance is a must especially when travelling further afield for longer periods of time. Me and Sal checked out compare the market and found a great deal for about £35 each that included cover for flight cancellations, lost luggage and my electronics. Read the small print and shop around.

Plug adaptors change depending on where you travel. It’s always worth checking in advance so you can place a cheapy order on Amazon rather than paying an arm and a leg for one last minute in the airport!

Savvy packing
With most long haul holidays offering 23-30kg of luggage (although mine and Sal have only got 20kg allowance!!) it’s a must to pack cleverly and miss out the unnecessary crap. Heels? Not really needed. Tonnes of make up when I’ll just sweat off in the sun anyway? Nope. I find that packing cubes are amazing at keeping me organised and not allowing me to over pack. They also make great storage for dirty laundry. Remember to put socks in shoes, products in plastic bags to avoid spillages and at least one spare bikini and pair of pants in your hold bag…

Make the most of your hold luggage
It’s always worth getting a roomy holdall or rucksack for the hold that you can fit your most valuable items in and a spare outfit or two. I always carry my document and money wallet, camera, phone and chargers/adaptors in my hold bag, as well as a spare bikini, pool coverup, spare outfit and pants. A pack of travel size products like toothpaste, moisturiser and an eye mask are great for a long haul flight when you want to freshen up, stop your skin from drying out and nap if the lights aren’t dimmed.

‘The bag’
You know the one, the bag that has everything in case of a medical emergence – I’m talking savlon, plasters, aftersun, painkillers, rehydration sachets. It’s always worth stocking up for your trip to avoid paying higher prices on the other side. Fingers crossed you won’t need to use any of it but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Always fly first class
LOL in my dreams.


Are you planning on going to any long haul destinations this year? Tell me where! And if you’ve been to Costa Rica, hit me up with your tips and recommendations!

With lots of love (for holidays and sunshine!)

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