A Girly Weekend in Suffolk

Life has got in the way of my blog lately, I’ve been very busy, my mind has been distracted and I’ve found it hard to conjure up enough positivity to write some good content for the Positiff Blog. However, a long weekend with my best friends has reignited my want to share the good with you all and there is nothing like a prosecco-fuelled life discussion in a hot tub to get my brain back in the game!

Holidays are amazing for the mind full stop. But holidays with your friends are so bloody great. They warm your heart, make your stomach hurt from laughing so much and for me, make me appreciate my friends even more. Sal, Liss, Laura and me packed our bags and set off towards Suffolk for a weekend of country walks, home-cooked comfort food and serious catch-ups in the hot tub. We booked through Hoseasons and visited the Heathside Lodges in Halesworth, Suffolk. Our lodge was beyond cute – wood everywhere, 2 big bathrooms and plenty of space in the open plan living area. Go check it out HERE.
The star of the show was the hot tub though, stepping through the double doors of the lodge to the large decking area, the tub was slightly sunken and a perfect 38 degrees for us to dunk our shoulders under and completely unwind. Yeah the walk from warm lodge to hot tub was a bit nippy in just your bikini and a thin towel but so worth it!
It was 3 degrees in this picture. My nips could cut glass I kid you not.
We completely lucked in with the weather – blue skies and bright sunshine every day. It was chilly, but there’s something so lovely about layering up and walking in the wintery weather whilst the sun shines and there are no clouds in the sky. On the Saturday we drove the 4 miles to Southwold, parked up and walked (actually got blown along) to the end of the pier, explored the trinket shops and went on the seafront, before making our way to the highstreet and enjoying some chips covered with lashings of salt and vinegar – you can’t beat it!
Sunday was very relaxed, walking through the surrounding countryside and even making a friend along the way:
(She followed us for about 15 minutes!)
Over 12,000 steps later, we rewarded ourselves to yet more tub time and had gin and elderflower fizz and lots of snacks whilst putting the world to rights in the bubbles. Bliss.
Sometimes it can be hard to grasp home life, work and social commitments, especially at the start of the year when things seems slow-starting and a bit gloomy. If you’re feeling this way, a mini break or even a day with friends scheduled in for the earlier months can really perk you up and leave you feeling so much better. I really enjoyed exploring an area of the country that I hadn’t visited before and didn’t stop laughing for 3 days – some great ingredients for an awesome weekend!

If you fancy checking out the video I made of our weekend away, you can watch it HERE – why not subscribe whilst you’re there? I’ll love you forever! 🙂

Feeling more relaxed and urging you to book a hot tub holiday pronto,

3 thoughts on “A Girly Weekend in Suffolk

  1. This looks incredible!! Never once crossed my mind to take a couple of days to go on a countryside holiday, i keep forgetting that everything doesn’t have to be super expensive! I’m suddenly in need of a hot tub holiday! so glad to have u back blogging!



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