Cool Compliments (that aren’t about appearance)

Way back when I was on holiday in Cyprus, me and my girls Sal and Liss struck up a pool friendship with a lovely lady from Portsmouth. We chatted over the week about everything and anything but she said something to me that stuck with me. Like Sal and Liss, she had met her partner online and asked me if I had a boyfriend. When I said no, she replied with ‘I’ve no idea why, you’re such a fun, happy and positive person!’. I’m crap at accepting compliments anyway but this one made me smile. She describe my personality and it’s was so nice that she saw that with only a few minutes chat in the pool each day! So, without wanting to take away from physical compliments (because I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice to be told you scrub up well), I wanted to list some examples of compliments that need to be used more often, and which aren’t linked to physical appearance.

“You’re really fun to be around”
It’s all good and well being nice to look at, but it’s not enough without some substance! It’s so nice to be told that you’re fun to hang out with, can make the most out of every situation and cause people to belly laugh. Who’s that person you love meeting up with because they have you laughing your head off? Tell them so 🙂

“You’re so creative!”
This is one Lucy says to me a lot which I really appreciate! People can poo-poo my blog or make fun of my videos, but it keeps my brain ticking, brings me joy and I like to think other people enjoy my content too. Not everyone has to like it, but it’s nice when people say so. Creativity is such a cool trait and being creative is fun! I have friends that make their own jewellery (Hey Pam!), some who are talented at make up (Liss, I’m looking at you) and loads of friends who play music, are into art and love to take amazing photos. Support and appreciate, don’t hate ❤

“Talking to you makes me feel better”
A simple conversation can go a long way. A few encouraging words, a quick catchup over a cuppa, a long old Facetime call. I know I always feel better after unloading my thoughts on friends and my sister. The best conversations leave me feeling empowered and content. Long live the life discussion!!!

“You’re so talented at *insert amazing talent here*”
It’s important to let people know you dig what they’re doing. It could be the start of something special for that person, pursuing what they enjoy and making other people discover it too.

“You inspire me to do *insert inpsirational thing here*”
I’ve had a couple of people come to me and say they’ve been inspired to go somewhere, buy something or even start up a blog from reading a few of my posts. It is such a cool feeling when someone says they feel inspired to do something because of you. For example, my bestie Sally always inspires me to look after myself and aim to be the best version of me – Sally Smith Life Advice makes all the difference to me! If someone has motivated you to do something, tell them!

Next time you go to tell someone they’re fit or beautiful, just think beforehand – is that really all there is to them? People are so much more than that. Try one of the above to spread the love in other ways!

With lots of love and appreciation,

4 thoughts on “Cool Compliments (that aren’t about appearance)

  1. #SSLA 😄 love this! As I’ve told you before, becoming friends with you, having your positivity and confidence around me ended up rubbing off on me, which I’m forever grateful for. Plus after a girls night of life discussions together, i always feel much better ❤️

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  2. You write some lovely things and I think this is so true! We all need to be positive and radiate good vibes towards each other! Thanks for the post!

    Emily |

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