Why you should wear whatever the hell you want

‘Oh god I couldn’t wear that!’ ‘No way! That does nothing for my shape!’ ‘I’m not thin enough to wear that dress!’. All phrases that I have been guilty of saying and I’m sure a lot of people have also felt this way about certain items of clothing or outfits in their wardrobe.

I’ve lost count of the times I have purchased a piece of clothing or an outfit with the hope of ‘slimming into it’ by a certain date. This has never worked for me. Not once. And it stops now. I have never successfully purchased a pair of jeans a size smaller than I am and miraculously lost enough weight to wear them by a certain event or date. And I’ll tell you why. I’M NOT THAT FUCKING SIZE. I was so caught up in the diet culture cronies and their stupid articles telling me ’10 quickfire ways to drop 10lbs’ and ‘drop a dress size in 4 weeks’ that I forgot to live my life and just buy clothes that I felt comfortable and confident in in the first place.
Take this skirt:

I ordered this online when I arrived back from travelling over 14 bloody months ago – but never had the guts to actually wear it out because I thought I was a bit too podgy for a slim fitting skirt. What the actual F is that about? Turns out it makes a cute work outfit and works on a night out too. NO SHIT. I purchased it for that reason, tried it on and was happy enough to keep it wasn’t I? Don’t let your lovely clothes that bring you happiness gather cobwebs in your wardrobe! Dig them out and start flaunting them asap!

It’s so sad that we’re made to think that we’re only worthy of wearing certain things if we’re a certain weight, size or shape. Turns out that we can wear whatever we want, whenever we bloody well like to suit whatever mood we’re in. For years I thought I couldn’t wear skirts or dresses above the knee. Now I couldn’t give a shit. My main rule for trying on clothes and outfits is, ‘do I feel happy in this?’ Whereas before, I’d be asking myself ‘what will people think if I rock up in this?’, ‘will I get stared at?’. This may all seem so trivial and shallow, but I’m 99% sure everyone has gone through a similar thought process when getting ready at some point in their life. You worry how you’ll be perceived by other people which is completely natural. But as you get older and and more accepting of who you are, your style evolves and you start to give less of a crap about what others think. And it’s a great feeling!

You, and you alone, know what makes you feel good, what colours you love and what cuts make you feel confident. So wear your choices with pride. Don’t overthink it. The more you own your outfit choices, the better you’ll feel.

The same goes for hoarding clothes from yesteryear or buying a pair of jeans with the hope of ‘slimming into them’ at some point. For me, I’ve never reached that point. I’m a UK size 12-14, very different from the size 10 shape I was sporting in my teen years because – NEWSFLASH – I grew up and became a woman! I gained weight that went to my hips, thighs, tits and arse. I went through that thing called ‘ageing’ where you body changes and adapts to what point you’re at in your life. So those size 10 jeans from sixth form will not get around my thighs anymore. But that’s COMPLETELY FINE! 🙂 Did you read my post about why your weight doesn’t determine your worth? If not, you totally should! The number on the scale and in your clothes label doesn’t represent anything. It’s not a representation of how worthy you are in society. My clothes size varies from shop to shop. Sometimes I’m a ‘small’ in one thing, and a ‘large’ in another.  You can still have an awesome career, plenty of friends, loads of love and heaps of fun regardless of whether you’re a size 8 or a size 16. Once you start questioning and picking apart the fads and fixes that the diet industry says we ‘need’, you’ll begin to realise that you’re amazing as you are, can wear what you like, weigh what you like and go be the damn boss of your life.

If you have something you bought but haven’t had the guts to wear yet hanging up in your wardrobe, go get it out and wear it this week! If you have a pair of jeans from when you were younger or bought to try motivate you to lose the pounds, fucking ditch ’em.

Love to you all and all your awesome outfit choices,

4 thoughts on “Why you should wear whatever the hell you want

  1. LOVE this post! How I wasn’t already following you I’m not sure (don’t worry I am now 😉). It’s so important that we feel comfortable in our skin and clothes, and it’s definitely okay to be whatever size you are, no need to change for anyone or the media! Thanks for posting, have a lovely evening! x
    Emily | thatcreativegenius.wordpress.com

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  2. i really need to stop caring about other people’s opinions, not with just my outfits but with all aspects, for some reason u always think about how other people would react and think before myself and my happiness. this post reminded me that i just need to be me and do what makes me happy and if people don’t like it… they can get the fuck outta my life!

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    1. Thanks for reading! It’s so true, this attitude can be applied to all parts of our life for sure. You just do you and those that matter will stick around to support every decision you make 🙂 x


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