My Favourite Moments of 2017

It’s time to appreciate how many amazing things I’ve packed into my 2017! Like I do every month, I think it’s important to look back on all the good things you’ve experience and achieved so as not to lose sight of the things that count and make our lives that bit better – however small! 

Landed a pretty awesome job
I came across my job by accident really and applied for a part time post just as a stop gap before finding something more permanent. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I made and almost a year on, I’ve been made full time, have travelled up and down the country and have been able to attend some pretty awesome events in the travel industry! It really is a fun and exciting industry to be a part of and fuels my passion for travel perfectly. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieve so far and I can’t wait to see what new opportunities 2018 bring.
Made time for the people that matter
I’ve really tried to see more of the people I love this year, which has included 2 girly holidays, 3 trips with friends and plenty of meet ups in pjs putting the world to rights over a cup of tea. Not to mention visiting my Grandparents more often and appreciating quality family time.
Ticked off some pretty awesome travel destinations
From Edinburgh castle to the canals of Amsterdam, the sunny beaches of Dorset to the secluded coves of Cyprus, I’ve managed to see a lot of different landscapes, cities and sights this year. Here’s to many more in 2018!
Met a beautiful little angel
August was the month that made me and Dan auntie and uncle! Little Aoife Marley is an absolute adorable angel who I love like one of my own! I feel very lucky to be a part of her life and look forward to each time I go and visit Dan and his family.
Treated myself to some awesome things
Tickets to see Adele and Little Mix live in concert, theatre trips, delicious meals, spa days and afternoon teas – all these fun days out have made for some priceless memories.
Stuck at my blog and felt the love
I started blogging to let my creative side shine, talk about topics I love and just have something to call my own. I’m don’t play any sports, I can’t draw to save my life and so my hobbies seemed to be all about eating, drinking and socialising… Blogging has allowed me to channel my energy into something a bit different and I love it! Every like, comment and share means a lot to me and I love getting feedback from people that my posts have reached out to in some way. Thank you to my friends and family who always support me and to every reader – over 6700 views and 3000 visitors in 2017 are pretty awesome numbers for little old me!
Can you believe another 365 days have nearly passed us by?! I wish you all a really healthy and happy new year and hope it brings you lots of fun! What was your favourite moment of 2017?
Love to you all and here’s to another fun year of blogging!

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