20 Things That Scream ‘It’s Christmas!’

3 more sleeps ’til Christmas! Whether you’re an excited elf or a grumpy scrooge, I bet most of these sound familiar when you’re surrounded by family or back in your home town for the festive season…

  1. December becomes known as the ‘Fuck it!’ month. Eating chocolate for breakfast? Fuck it! It’s December! Spent most of your paycheck then having that painful wait until January? Fuck it! It’s December! Pretty much anything goes in the run up to the New Year…
  2. Christmas songs are ingrained in your brain 24 hours a day. Radio. TV. EVERYWHERE.
  3. It becomes a competition about who has the coolest Chrimbo jumper. I’ve seen Bah Hum Pugs, ReinBEERS and some ‘filthy animals’.
  4. You don’t want to head into town for fear of having your eye poked out by an angry OAP or being barged into by a 3 year old. Christmas shopping is MANIC.
  5. The poor Mars and Bounty celebrations stay in that tub all through the season.
  6. Cheese becomes more of a staple in your diet than your 5 a day.
  7. Christmas Eve is more about getting the drinks in for yourself than leaving one out for Sir Nick.
  8. Your office gets very festive and you mean serious business decorating your section.
  9. Your Dad gets drunk by mid-afternoon on the 25th.
  10. Day naps become a regular occurrence. Especially due to the amount of food you consume.
  11. You still put that stupid red fish on your palm from the Christmas cracker and believe it when it says your Dad is false and you are loving.
  12. Your Grandad definitely falls asleep wearing his christmas cracker hat.
  13. Socks will be gratefully received at some point.
  14. You revert back to being a child, watching all the Disney movies shown throughout Christmas and Boxing Day.
  15. Pjs or leggings are the preferred attire.
  16. Mum buys enough food to feed the 5000. You eat it anyway.
  17. The board games come out, you get suuuuper competitive.
  18. You think you’re so stuffed after dinner, but 8pm rolls around and you can always fit in a turkey sarnie.
  19. The days roll into one and you become a bit confused.
  20. You succumb to the food/drink coma and become an actual pig in a blanket.


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! What are your plans and family traditions?

Lots of love and festive feels,



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