Turning 24: What My 23rd Year Taught Me

Woah woah WOAH. How is it that only yesterday I was turning 16 having a house party at mine and now 8 years have passed and I’m 24 years old? I can’t quite fathom the concept of time at the moment because I still feel like I’ve just left school yet I have 5 years of work and a travel trip of a lifetime under my belt. This year has undoubtedly rushed past me, but I still wanted to remember all the moments which have taught me so much.

New jobs are scary but so exciting at the same time.

Being thrown back into the world of work after a year off was daunting and even more so when applying for jobs in industries I knew nothing about. With a couple of dodgy interviews and one really awesome one, I managed to bag myself my current role in the travel industry and haven’t looked back. Taking redundancy from my comfortable old job was actually the best decision I could’ve made.

Men can be knobs. But ho hum.

With some pretty shocking dates throughout 2017 and a couple of ghosting incidents, I have become convinced that most men can be complete knobs. They baffled and confused me and I retreated into myself a bit, shying away from meeting people and concentrated on me more than ever. Finding a relationship isn’t my priority (“if it happens, it happens!”) and I really think that this is the way to be when in your twenties. Why stress about trying to find ‘the one’ when they will (fingers bloody crossed) crop up when you least expect it! Otherwise I’ll be adopting 5 dogs and retreating to the arse end of nowhere by the time I’m 35 thank you very much.

I don’t hate my love handles (as much) anymore.

As the year has gone on, I have definitely felt more at peace with my body and haven’t been so critical. I work out, I eat well, I know what styles and cuts of clothes I feel great in. Instead of feeling repulsed by some parts of me, I accept them and am thankful my body looks after me and keeps me going.

It’s completely okay to have no idea what you’re doing.

I think this will apply to every year of my twenties to be completely honest with you. I still don’t know where I want to end up or what I want to do long term, I’m just enjoying the ride and making memories I’ll be happy to look back on.

Making time for you is important.

At the start of the year I was burning the candle at both ends, seeing everyone who I hadn’t seen in a year, saying yes to everything, applying for jobs and generally just being rushed off my feet. It all got a bit much a one point and I vowed to start taking more time out for me. Even if it’s one of two nights a week to just pamper myself, cook a nice meal or stick on a couple of episodes of a series on Netflix, it it so nice to just be in my own company and unwind. I now make a conscious effort to carve out some time for myself every week. I love seeing my friends and family, but also love time to myself.

It’s also important to make time for those that matter.

I will always have my weekly girls nights, I’ll always be arranging the next weekend to see Dan and catching up with my family regularly. If you have a good bunch of friends, hold onto them and invest in them, they are your support network and make your life that much brighter.

My birthday weekend was so much fun, spent with family and friends and eating and drinking waaaay too much but that’s how it should be! Here are some pictures my 24th:



I’m going to keep on trying new things, seeing new places and doing exciting things throughout my 24th year, with my family and friends by my side. Don’t worry about the number going up – concentrate on all the stuff you want to do and get planning!

With love and now with 359 days until my quarter-century birthday…eek



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