October Favourites

What an Autumnal month packed full of warmer jumpers, cosy nights in and a hella lot of tea. I love Autumn, the colours of the leaves and the mornings where it’s sunny, cold and crisp. It means it’s getting closer to my birthday and I can’t believe we’ve only got less than 2 months until Christmas! 

Where I went:

Natural History Museum | South Kensington | London

Me and Lenk got our geek on looking around this amazing (free!) museum of all things nature. From the dinosaurs, to space to the evolution of man, it covers loads of interesting stuff and had us engrossed for a couple of hours! We were near the area when the incident happened outside the museum (a driver lost control and knocked down some pedestrians). Luckily we weren’t inside or queuing outside but saw the police response unit. It was all a bit scary but it wasn’t terrorism and those injured were all okay.


Tate Modern Museum | London

Okay, call me a simpleton but some of the art in here is… amusing to say the least! They currently have a lot of swings installed in the central area which is pretty awesome to be honest, lots of kids (and adults alike) were having a go. But some of the free exhibitions were somewhat confusing. 3 blank canvases on a wall… lots of half naked mannequins and some towers of bricks had me and Lenk a bit confused. Art appreciation isn’t one of my interests but it was a funny couple of hours!


Christchurch | Dorset

Another weekend of visiting my Grandad and his lovely wife whizzed round and I got to spend it relaxing by the sea, getting wrapped up, going for nice walks and enjoying plenty of tea and lovely food. There is nothing like being looked after by your Grandparents and enjoying time with them. I got the train there on the Saturday and stayed the night then Becca and Chris came and joined me on the Sunday for lunch. A cute weekend all round.

What I ate:

Muriel’s Kitchen | South Kensington | London

Another recommendation from Lenk – we tucked into real comfort food here after our morning of intellect at the NHM. We enjoyed the homemade lasagne with side salad and cheesy garlic bread and it was delicious! They have 3 restaurants around London and are run by the grandson of Muriel and his wife. A lovely homely place that is never not full.


Brindisa | London Bridge | London

Lenk found this tapas restaurant when I said I was in the mood for some Spanish specialities and o.m.g it did not disappoint! We ordered 5 dishes to share and had a bottle of red and it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long time. You can’t reserve a table there, just walk in and pop your name on the list and come back when they tell you to. We were sat in the window which actually turned out to be great – a little tucked away and perfect for people watching, we ate and drank and chatted for ages and had to roll out the restaurant to the tube by the end.


Wagamamas | Aylesbury

Normally I would miss out the chain restaurants but Wagas really is so bloody good. Consistently good. And me and Luce treated ourselves to a delicious feast. I just wanted to show off the drool worthy pictures really.


What I Bought:

Fluted Sleeve Jumper | Primark

This was one of those situations where you see an item on the mannequin, fall in love and then think ‘it probably won’t suit me’. But this jumper was so lovely, a deep purple colour (one of my faves) and surprisingly suited me! It was only £10 and I feel like my autumn wardrobe has a nice new addition – check out my blog post all about my Autumn Wardrobe HERE!


Black Zip Detail Ankle Boots | River Island

I’ve wanted a pair of sturdy black ankle boots for a while now, a pair that are comfy, heeled and have good grip (slipping on wet pavements covered in leaves in silly cheap boots is not the one!). I found these and had to have them, they are super comfy and I can wear them to work and in the evenings. The back zip detail is a bit different and for £42, I’m pleased as punch with the quality.


Disney PJS | Primark

These Beauty and the Beast pjs are so damn cute and so damn comfy. They make me feel like a big kid and I bloomin’ love them! Head to Primark to pick up loads of different designs – they have HP, Lion King and Friends versions too!



What I Read/Watched:

Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe | Amazon

I treated myself to this uplifting and encouraging book by the amazing @bodyposipanda as she’s known on socials. I had a tough couple of months mentally and needed something that would build me up, increase my confidence and broaden my mind. This book was just what I needed and has really helped me on my way to self acceptance even more. I love what Megan is achieving on social media, using it for GOOD, not for bad. She’s bringing this amazing body positive movement and community together and I’m a little bit in love with this BoPo warrior. You can grab it HERE.


Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses by Carole Matthews

Liss lent me this great read based on a true story. I love her books as they’re set in farmiliar territory (mentions Milton Keynes, Hockliffe…) and it’s always a lighthearted read that leaves me feeling good. I whizzed through this book on my lunchbreaks at work – saves me from spending in the shopping centre next door – and I want to read more of hers asap! You can order it HERE.

Mindhunter | Netflix | Series 1 10 eps

I’ve started the new Netflix crime series called Mindhunter. It’s set int the 70s when the term ‘serial killer’ wasn’t around and looks at a member of the FBI uncovering a whole other mindfield with regards to why people kill. The actor who plays Holden –  – is fantastic and I am truly devo that he is gay IRL. I’m hooked and it’s one of those where you keep watching one episode after the other without any gaps.

Liar | BBC One | 6 eps

Oh lordy what a tense few weeks watching this series! If you haven’t been watching, definitely get to it on BBC iPlayer. Joanne Frogatt (from Downton Abbey) was spectacular in this. It has loads of twists and turns and the characters aren’t who you think they are. It’s gripping stuff and what an ending! No spoilers from me, but definitely give it a go if you like a crime drama!

What did you get up to in October?

With love and excited for what November will bring (including my birthday!),



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