How To Spend Your Days in L.A.

Los Angeles was the last destination of my big ol’ trip of 2016 and it was a great way to top off my adventure with some typical tourist attractions and pinch-me pictures. Here’s a list of the top attractions I think you need to tick off whilst you’re visiting the home of Hollywood.

1) Hollywood Walk of Fame

Iconic names under your feet, characters ready to pose with, inspiring quotes all leading up to the casting couch. It’s a treat for the senses – so much to see, hear, smell and do! I enjoyed possibly the nicest cinnamon sugar pretzel along here and indulged in the Cold Rock Creamery ice cream – deeeeelish!




2) The Hollywood Sign

I loved the hike up to the back of the sign, where the scenes over Los Angeles are insane! The dusky tracks leading up to the iconic white letters are challenging but worth it. Take some water, wear your comfiest shoes and take in the views during this great walk.


3) Griffith Observatory

For a space and science nerd like me, this was such a cool afternoon! You can walk around the outside of this beautiful building and can see the Hollywood sign from a distance. The planetarium puts on some really cool shows and the interactive exhibits and information titbits make it a cool learning experience too.


4) Universal Studios

3 words. HARRY POTTER WORLD. Honestly, this was my moment to completely geek out, take a gazillion photos and be in awe of the world the USA have created. The lifesize Hogsmeade, the 4D ride which you get to via the passageways of Hogwarts, it was so magical that I went on everything twice and bought so much expensive shit I didn’t need. American’s do theme parks so much better than us. It was AMAZING! I loved the movie set tour and the Jurassic Park ride was very cool as well. Overall, the studios and rides made me feel like a big kid again and I loved it! Upgrade your ticket to fast track – I found it was worth the extra dollar. P.S. The Walking Dead walk-through was creepy AF. Do it.


5) Rodeo Drive | Beverly Hills

This 2 mile stretch of luxurious shops, hotels and eateries was such a treat. I checked in on my business (ahem) had a few touristy photos and loved looking at the window displays of all the well-known designers. It sucked that I was still transporting a backpack around so couldn’t have bought anything too bulky (let alone afford it!) but be sure to take some spending money with you!


6) Santa Monica

The pier and funfair were super cute and walking along the long beach heading towards Malibu was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. The shops and street performers in this area were brilliant. We bought massive bags of pick and mix and I bought my Tiffany bracelet here (no discounts for having the name Tiffany sadly). It’s really easy to get to from downtown L.A. and has some amazing food places – I had some great shrimps and a white wine cocktail on the pier!


7) Olvera Street

Whilst I was in L.A. the Dio Des La Muertos celebration was taking pace and me and my native tour guide (shoutout to my family friend Elyse) headed to Olvera Street where a show was being put on in the main square, street food and market stalls were aplenty and I even got my face painted for the Halloween party that night. It was so awesome and I loved eating some lovely Mexican food and treating myself to some goodies.


8) See a Live Show taping

Elyse managed to score us tickets to a recording of Man with a Plan starring no other than Matt LeBlanc aka Joey Tribiani aka OMAGERD I LOVE HIM. It was so surreal watching him with the other cast members, being encouraged to laugh loud (my laugh is included on an episode somewhere – how weird!) and watching them create something that I would next see on the box. They hand out so many free tickets to sitcom and game show recordings, always have a look online before you go – you never know who you’ll end up seeing!

9) Explore the Streets of the Rich

We went walkabout around some of the richest neighbourhoods in L.A. and I loved it! The houses were beautiful and very picture worthy – plus I even stumbled upon the cupcake ATM at the end!


10) Get to the Halloween Hollywood Parade

There ya have it, action packed places for you to tick of your tourist to-do list when exploring Los Angeles. I loved it here, although I wouldn’t hurry back. It’s definitely a plastic place where I felt like a dishevelled, simple potato. But anyhow, I loved seeing how the other half live, being a geeky tourist and going to places I’d only ever dreamed of.


L.A. you were a weird and wonderful place!


Have you been to L.A? Do you plan to? Tell me any more top spots!

With lots of American lovin’



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