September Favourites

Well well well, Winter is coming, Summer is a distant memory and Autumn means one thing – it’s nearly my birthday YAAAS! Anyhoo, another smashing month packed full of great things means another favourites post so I don’t forget (and maybe inspire you lovely lot to buy/visit/read something new!).

Where I went:

Colchester Zoo | Colchester

I had a lovely reunion with my girl Hannah who I met in Australia 18 months ago and also adventured around Bali with.

IMG_1647It was so nice to enjoy the zoo in the sunshine – it stayed out all day! We fed the giraffe’s and elephants, went through the butterfly tunnel (they bloomin’ loved Hannah) and enjoyed a cute lunch in the cafe.


I also ate an ice cream as big as my head and felt sick after. Anyhoo, it was the perfect day that only cost us £23 and there were loads of animal shows, talks and feedings that you could go along to. It was about an hour and a half from me in Tring and was a pretty easy journey. It’s worth it if you’ve exhausted Whipsnade and Woburn!


Primrose Valley & Thornwick Bay Haven Holiday Parks | Yorkshire

I was lucky enough to get to visit these parks as part of work for a team building event and it made me so proud to work for the company I do! The views up in this part of the country are stunning, the sun shone and the lakes and shoreline were stunning. We stayed the night at Thornwick and had a blast (playing Cards Against Humanity with your boss and his boss, and then coming joint first with them both was definitely an experience!) but it was just nice to get away from my desk and see what I talk to travel agents about every day. Our amazing parks. It was fun, informative and definitely made me want to promote – go check them out at and see if there’s a park that takes your fancy. Don’t diss caravan holidays, they’re the best! Check out the post I did on Weymouth Bay when me and my mates went for a long weekend HERE.


Joel Dommett Stand Up Show | Aylesbury Waterside Theatre | Buckinghamshire

I completely forgot Liss booked this back at the start of the year! So on Friday night, me, Sal and Liss dolled ourselves up, enjoyed some prosecco and went to the theatre for a night of belly laughing at Joel Dommett and his stand up show. We were 2 rows from the front, it was a marvellous view (he really does have the best teeth) and it was bloomin’ hilarious! Nothing like a night with your girls, feeling fab and laughing til your tummy hurts! He spoke to me and Liss and even crowd surfed over our heads! I got to have a cheeky grope – my Friday made!


Chichester | West Sussex

I pop down to Dan’s a lot and it doesn’t normally make my monthly favourite posts, but this time, we had a lovely little reunion with a couple of guys who were in our original Australia group when we began our travels in Sydney way back in November 2015! It was super cute, plus me and Dan went to the driving rage to hit some balls. Always good to get the anger out! AND Aoife was a smiley angel – Auntie Tiff captured every second! ❤



What I Watched:

I normally have a ‘what I read’ section, but September has been very busy for me! I have only just finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (great read btw except Harry and his son annoy me in it – anyone else agree?!) and I’ve just started ‘A Summer At Sea’ by Kate Fford, and it’s a feel-good romance that’ll keep me going. Instead, I watched a lot of Netflix (I had a horrible cold lasting about 10 days so felt sorry for myself and retired to bed for a lot of September) – you can read my post on the 5 netflix series I think you should watch HERE.

To summarise, definitely check out The Confession Tapes, The Mist and I’ve recently started Riverdale which is like a grittier and more mysterious version of Gossip Girl. I love it!

What I ate:

Tabure | Berkhamsted | Hertfordshire

Me and my friend Sarah ate out at this gorgeous Turkish restaurant named Tabure on Berko high street. The concept centres around the idea of Paylasmak sevmektir – To share is to love – and it really was such a treat. The food was delicious, the service lovely and I’ll definitely be rounding up my friends and going back. They have another location in St Albans so there is a couple of locations to choose from. Check out the website (and their scrummy menu) HERE. The Nar Bellini is a must so take your group of friends and get sharing!

What I bought:

Autumnal Cold Shoulder Top | New Look

This pretty patterned top caught my eye one lunchbreak (who am I kidding, I poke my head into New Look practically every lunch break, downside of working opposite a shopping centre!) and I thought it’d be a lovely addition to my autumn outfits. I wore it with a pair of black skinnies and my River Island heels for the theatre on Friday, feeling suitable Autumnal!


Coconut Clutch | New Look

Still not entirely ready to let go of summer, I picked up this cool metallic clutch with cute slogan on the front for next summer’s holiday outfits. I like the leaves and the metallic colour will go with most outfits. I had to, it was only £4 after all…


Protein Powder | Purition

Sally introduced me to this brand of protein powders which really appealed to me. I’m upping my workouts and weights so wanted to get powders to pack into some shakes so my muscles get the nutrients they need more quickly after a workout. I opted for 3 flavours for £50 – chocolate, strawberry and macadamia and vanilla. Each pouch lasts you between 1-2 months depending on how much you have and how often you have it. The idea is that purition protein powders are pure goodness, full of natural whey protein (or hemp if you’re vegan!) with seeds, nuts, berries and natural flavourings. Nothing nasty and all goodness that will enhance your wellbeing and add that all important protein to you shakes/porridge/yogurt. Check out all their products HERE.


Headspace App | App Store

This is actually FREE (woo!) but my sister recommended this app to me so I can sit back and get some more headspace. I’ve been so busy seeing friends, travelling for work and just spreading myself too thin that my health and wellbeing has been suffering a bit. I need to learn to say no and take time for myself more so this has been a great start in helping me get more headspace. The short 3 minute meditation sessions are easy to follow and great for beginners (like me) – I’d definitely recommend you download if you want to take back some control and slow down.

September seemed like a quieter month for me but I still had such a blast seeing friends, having complete ‘me time’ and easing myself into Autumn. Roll on October…

With love and about to watch the end of Riverdale…



2 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. Aww this is a great post Tiff! You’ve packed so much in! Ooo and i love the coconut bag! Friday with Joel was definitely a highlight of my September 😁 Still can’t believe he spoke to us ahhhhh and we touched him!!!!! 😲😍 lblblblb xxx

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