5 Netflix Series You Should Watch Right Now

I am constantly in a state of confusion over what to watch on Netflix. I’ve been housesitting my sister’s for the past three days and have managed to get some solid binges in! So I’ve taken it upon myself to uncover some gems that have caused me to spend far too many hours in my bed (it’s a hard life) and suggest them to you…


If you want to be creeped out and like the supernatural, mystical creatures and unexplained happenings – switch this on! I finished this within a few days and it’s an easy watch all about an American town that is shrouded in a dense and dangerous mist. It’s based on the horror novella by Stephen King and it kept me wanting to press ‘play next episode’ each time an episode finished.


Ozark channels some Breaking Bad vibes and stars Jason Bateman as husband and dad of two, involved in money laundering for the Mexican drug cartel. He moves to the Missouri Ozarks, to try salvage the situation his former business partners have left him in and appease the drug boss. Jason is an absolutely babe in this and the hill-billy type community he moves into proves to be more of a challenge than the dodgy deviants he’s laundering cash for in his house by the lake. I’m 3 episodes from the end and love it (mainly because I love Jason) and hope there’ll be a second season.


A true crime documentary is definitely a bit of me and I’ve been waiting for another Making a Murderer to hit Netflix for a while. I have watched the whole of this series over the past 2 days and it is SO interesting and an eye opening representation of the American justice system. It focusses on notorious crime cases across America in the past 30 years and how the people locked up for supposedly committing these crimes, claim to have been coerced by the police into confessing to them. The first two episodes are really interesting and had me hooked (cue binging the rest of the series by the end of the day). This is for you if you loved Making a Murderer!


I’ve only smashed out some of the first season of Top of the Lake but the second is currently on BBC. The first season is set in a town in New Zealand and centres around a 12 year old girl who gets pregnant and goes missing. I mainly tuned in for the scenery (re-living my kiwi bus days!) but the story is great and Elizabeth Moss (famed for playing Penny in Mad Men) plays a great detective determined not to give up on the missing Tui.


I was late to the Doctor Foster party – I only binge watched this on Netflix a couple of weekends ago with my sister as I missed it first time round when it was on the Beeb! God it was good, a gripping insight into the female mind when the other half goes astray. It follows her crazy, calculated and I have to admit – cool – plans to out her cheating husband and work out how to move forward. Some characters are annoying (Ros, I’m looking at you) and it does portray us women as a little bit psycho, but this infidelity thriller had me pressing play on the next episode every time – a must watch! Suranne Jones was epic as Gemma and completely left the brash norther Karen-from-Corrie characteristics behind. You can catch the second series on the BBC at the mo – Tuesday’s at 9pm FYI!

Here, have some pictures of me and my sister’s cats enjoying some self care:


Let me know if you’ve watched any of the above and what you think of them! Or if you fancy a watch after reading this – always here to share, recommend and pass on the positivity! Self care is important, so don’t feel guilty for taking some time out to indulge your inner couch potato – I have really enjoyed it 🙂

With love and still stretched out on the sofa…



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