July Favourites

Another month has whizzed by and it’s time to write about all the nice things I’ve been doing in July. What a great month – a hot holiday with my best friends, birthdays, bikinis and a few new buys…

Where I Went:

Cricket St Thomas Hotel | Somerset – I was lucky enough to go to this beautiful hotel for a work event. It’s a Warner Leisure Hotel – one of the brands I work for – and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Seeing as I helped organised the event, I was one of the lucky ones to get an amazing ‘Historic’ suite. It was the first time I’d stayed in a four poster and I felt like a real princess – plus getting my glad rags on was really fun.



Chilfest | Tring – Thanks to Liss and her lovely friend Fran, we bagged a couple of tickets to Tring’s answer to the festival season. It’s target audience are the middle-aged parents of this world who have fond memories of eighties tunes – but I bloody loved it nonetheless and the weather was gorgeous!


Queens Bay Hotel | Paphos | Cyprus – Me and my girls Sal & Liss stayed here for one week all inclusive to get our sun, sea and sand fix and celebrate Liss’ special birthday. It was HOT. And I mean, hotter than hot. I’m talking 38 degrees + some days so I was shade-hopping and drinking my weight in water. But no bother, because I have a killaaa tan and lots of fun memories. Check out my blog post all about it HERE, oh and what outfits I wore HERE. Oh and if you’re feeling extra nosey, you can check out the hotel HERE.


What I Read:

I spoke about the books I took on holiday in my Cyprus post linked above, but I’ve just started a newbie (well, an oldie borrowed off my sis which I’ve not read before) called Watermelon by Marian Keyes. All about an Irish career woman in London who finds herself pregnant and deserted by her long term boyfriend, she flees back to her eccentric and kooky family in Ireland and it’s so hilarious I can’t put it down.


What I Ate:

Banana Leaf | Hemel Hempstead – This restaurant in the centre of Hemel serves up a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Indonesian dishes so I was excited to get down there with my friend Sophie and try it out. The staff are so friendly and even got on my snapchat – a real fun dining experience.


The Craftyard | Tring – Technically not eating but I drunk a reaaaally good glass of gin at the newly opened Craftyard Beer and Gin Bar located between Lloyd’s Pharmacy and P.A.M.S Sandwich Bar on Tring High Street. It’s super cute, tucked away and has an amazing selection of beers and gin to try. I had a rhubarb gin mixed with a ginger beer and it somehow tasted like rhubarb and custard?! AH-MAY-ZINGGG. Try it out if you’re a gin fan.


Missoula | Milton Keynes – This American bar and grill is at The Hub and a group of us went for Melissa’s birthday. I ordered the loaded Mac ‘n’ Cheese (just normal mac and cheese loaded with bacon and beef brisket, I mean COME ON!). It was lovely inside and we had such a nice evening enjoying the food and atmosphere, I would definitely recommend. Plus the downstairs turns into a dancefloor which is perfect after their 241 cocktails. Check out all the dreamy menus HERE.



Office sandals – these are part slider, part Birkenstock style and I couldn’t be more in love! For £24 and with free delivery, I’m smitten. The rose gold goes with so many outfits and is so summery. Shoutout to Liss who got them first and gave me the idea of ordering. I have already worn them to death – to work, at weekends and in Cyprus – and they’ll definitely be coming with me to Amsterdam.


Skirt – this impulse buy is a bit out of my comfort zone. On my bottom half I tend to stick to black., so this pale grey/stone coloured midi skirt with a side split from New Look is completely different to what I usually go for. I bought it in the sale at the start of month, have been too nervous to wear it (does anyone else do this?! Buy shit then not wear it for a while?!) but decided to give it it’s first outing to Melissa’s birthday meal in MK and felt both comfortable and confident in it. It hugs my curves, nips me in at the waist and I received a few compliments which was lovely. It’s definitely given me a boost to be braver with my outfit choices and stop berating myself over my shape.


So all in all, another successful summery month. What have you been up to in July?

With lots of love and clinging onto my tan for dear life,



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