7 Days In Cyprus

Chuck together your two best friends, an all inclusive hotel with strong cocktails, complete nuttiness and a special birthday and what do you get? A mental girly holiday of course! We packed our bags and headed to the Paphos region of Cyprus; Sal & Liss have been 11 times between them (!) but this was my first time to the Cypriot coast and it was the perfect place to enjoy an uninterrupted week away from the usual routine that is everyday life.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Queen’s Bay Hotel in Kissonerga, South West Cyprus and treated ourselves to a sea view room all inclusive. You can check out the hotel HERE and view the gallery. The pool was lovely and plenty big enough so you’re not inches from that woman floating around draped over her hubby or that family where the kids bomb into the water. We got gifted a lilo (thank you our friend from Portsmouth!) and this is how we got our killer tans – it was too hot to lie on the loungers in the daytime, it reached 38 degrees at one point – so we sheltered ourselves under the parasol or in the water. Although the food got a bit repetitive, the maid service was a bit slack and some of the staff were beyond pervy, we enjoyed the mid afternoon milkshakes and always got our ‘spot’ on the sun loungers.

The view from our room over the breakfast terrace and pool
The Queens Bay Hotel
The amazing pool
At our sun lounger spot

The Sites

We visited the beautiful Coral Bay – about 10 minutes on the bus up from our hotel – and it was lovely to spend a couple of hours lounging in the shallows and sunning ourself with the sound of the waves in the background (although, two hours was more than enough in 32 degree heat when the sand sticks to everything and annoying kids squirt you with their waterguns – note to self: not having kids for atleast 10 more years) and we also spent one evening at the harbour. We got the bus again (bargain €1.50) and mooched the cute shops, bought some souvenirs and admired the nice boats and street performers.

Coral Bay


Beach babes

The Books

I read 3 books whilst I was away (an essential for any holiday where I’m spent lying down for the majority). “Sweet Temptation” by Lucy Diamond was the perfect chick-lit holiday read and I powered through it in a day and a half. All about new friendships formed at a weigh loss group, including tales of gym fails, love mishaps and success stories, it was definitely my kinda read.

I also treated myself to “All That She Can See” by Carrie Hope Fletcher (Tom from McFly’s younger sis) and was really disappointed 😦 I don’t normally dislike a book but it was really difficult to get behind the characters and sympathise with them. I usually get attached to certain characters quickly when reading a book, especially the main character/protagonist, but these bunch of characters were hard to understand and although the idea behind the book was clever, it didn’t come through for me and I was relieved to finish (I don’t like to not finish a book).

I then sped my way through Giovanna Fletcher’s “Dream A Little Dream” (Tom from McFly’s wife funnily enough, one of my favourite authors) and fell in love with it all over again – buy buy buy! You won’t regret.

The Outfits

I really enjoyed planning my outfits for the evenings in Cyprus and my personal paparazzi Sally Smith got some lovely shots of them in the evening (modelled by me obvs, not just draped over a chair on the balcony). I’ll be writing a blog post showcasing all these plus a few of my favourite bikinis so watch out for this later in the week. For now, I’ll show you one of my favourites…

Something was obvs very funny on the other balcony

You can watch the highlights of our crazy week over on my YouTube channel HERE! Subscribe if you’re feeling nice ❤

I am a firm believer that a holiday – whether that be a few days down the coast, a night at a friends or a week abroad (or a whole year away…can you tell I’m pining!) – is VITAL for a healthy mind and body. I switched off my brain from work, commuting, finances, worries and woes and just immersed myself in the simple things: resting my mind, talking to my friends rather than texting, watching sunsets, enjoying nature, eating nice food, enjoying a nice drink and completely switching off. I’ve returned home (still with those holiday blues mind you) feeling completely refreshed and ready for what’s next – which happens to be Amsterdam in August! Tell me, where are you going this summer?

With love and looking a little bit tangoed…



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