June Favourites

Where did June go!? I’ve not written in 2 weeks and it feels so strange! I have been a busy bee and have so much to talk about! Only 6 months too late, but I’ve thought of creating a new blog post series all about my monthly favourites. It doesn’t have to follow a particular order – but I’ll just be sharing my favourite things about that month – whether that be places I went to, books I read, things I bought and stuff I ate. You never know, you may see something you want to try out.

Where I went:

Southbourne Beach – a little further down from Bournemouth but not as touristy, this beach was so beautiful. Green headland leading down to a sandy stretch of beach with a view of the Isle of Wight in the distance, it was a lovely morning spent exploring with my Grandad and his wife.

Miramar Hotel Bournemouth – we indulged in a Dorset cream tea here and it was so lovely. The scones were warm out of the oven, jam and cream locally sourced and we were sat in the garden tea room overlooking the waves and perfectly manicured gardens of the hotel. I felt sophisticated AF.

Great Missenden Food Festival – me and Lucy rolled up to this all day festival with her sis Zoe to celebrate our mutual love for food and drink. It wasn’t as good as the one we went to before, but Zoe came away with a giant scotch egg, we drunk pimms and had a banging’ roast on the way home. Success I’d say.

Adele – The Finale @ Wembley Stadium – OH.MY.GOD. I’d only been waiting since January for this moment. It was incredible. Me and Dan met my sis Becca and her boyfriend Chris there and we loved every second. Adele was f’ing and blinding and couldn’t have been more perfect if she tried. And I feel so lucky because that show now happens to be her last because she had to cancel the rest.

What I Read:

Liss lent me a book called ‘Aprons and Silver Spoons’ by Mollie Moran. It’s a biography all about true tales of a 1930’s kitchen maid. If you watched Downton Abbey, you’ll love this book! It was such an uplifting read and it showcases how much things have changed, but also made me appreciate my life more. Her storytelling and proof that a happy life helps you live longer (she’s 96, her best friend 100!) made me smile and I couldn’t put it down.

What I Ate:

I gave the Thai Cottage in Berkamsted a try with my girls Beth and Charlotte for Charlotte’s birthday and it was soooo good! Really authentic dishes, cute décor and even cuter staff! We shared a massaman curry, coconut rice, spring rolls and a chicken pad thai. Portions were big so it was more than enough, although air con wouldn’t go a miss in there as we were sweating buckets as we ate the curry during 25+ degree heat. Lovely image for you there.


I’m one of those weirdos who likes to jazz up their work desk (because who wants to work at a dull desk all day?!). So I ventured into the home section of Primark where I picked up these super cute photo holders for a £1 each! One sits pride of place on my desk now with pictures of my loony ladies in it.


Also, how nice are these new culottes and lovely summery Bardot top from New Look? Simple, classic and decently priced. I love buying clothes but should really stop…

Well, there you have it, snippets of my month in one post for you to enjoy! I’ve missed writing for my little place on the interweb, I’ll try not to neglect it from now on.

With lots of summery June appreciation,



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