25 Facts About Me

Well would you look at that, 25 of you lovely people follow my blog! It may not seem like much, but to me, it’s fab! I know my friends and family read my posts, but it also means a lot that those fellow WordPress bloggers out there like what I write every once in a while as well. To all of you that have a nosey now and then, I thought I’d tell you some more things about yours truly…

  1. I’m 24 in November and secretly hate being an autumn baby – having it so close to Christmas then having to wait another 11 months for presents again just isn’t fair.
  2. I’ve lived in the same house with my family my whole life, Tring born and bred! (Minus the 12 months I spent travelling the globe, obvs).
  3. I have pestered my parents for a dog since I can remember. We have a goldfish who is pushing 11 years old but I still won’t give up hope of a four legged friend some day…
  4. Idgaf what other people say, I love McDonald’s and it’s my go to after a night out. (My order is a sweet chilli chicken wrap meal with a Fanta and a cheeseburger on the side please – YES I get a side burger and what?).
  5. I used to go to street dance classes at school, so I got rhythm mkay.
  6. I have one tattoo on my ankle and I got it in Australia (cliche) but I love it and that’s all that matters right? I’d love more, just deciding is the problem!
  7. I didn’t go to University, but if I would’ve gone, I think I’d have done teaching (although kids can be annoying so maybe not).
  8. My ultimate man crush is Chris Hemsworth.
  9. My general man crush is Greg James. Just hilarious.
  10. I didn’t swim a length of a pool until about 2 years ago. I am no way a confident swimmer but I’m getting there and kinda enjoy it now!
  11. I was on You’ve Been Framed when I was a chubby child. My parents bought the garden shed with the £250 prize money. Still haven’t forgiven them.
  12. The subject of the paranormal fascinates me and I want to do a ghost tour.
  13. I have a phobia of clowns, heights and spiders.
  14. I’ve jumped out of a plane twice. Makes no sense because of my phobia above but gotta push yourself!
  15. Rings are my favourite piece of jewellery, hands down. I also like puns.
  16. I’ve not watched a single episode of Game of Thrones but fully intend to start it asap one day…
  17. I over plucked my eyebrows MAJORLY as a teen so I pray to the eyebrow gods daily and thank them that they blessed me with the pair I have now.
  18. One of my pet hates is people not knowing the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.
  19. I love to cook and experiment. Mexican and Thai are my faves.
  20. Selfie queen right here!! I think selfies are harmless, if you’re digging how you look today why the hell not?!
  21. If I could be part of any fantasy world, it would have to be the magical word of Harry Potter. Duh.
  22. I’m one of those annoying people who like all sorts of music – I can listen to Ed Sheeran one day, The Stone Roses the next. Mum and Dad played their amazing record collection throughout my childhood and I love them for it.
  23. I want to be J-Lo.
  24. My 3 dinner party guests of choice would be Adele (the banter), David Attenborough (just imagine the conversation) and Chris Hemsworth (just to stare at).
  25. I can’t not have a book on the go, it helps me clear my head.

Maybe I should use some of these on my dating profile..?

With loads of love and randomness,



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