A Weekend in Weymouth

That old saying ‘a weekend well spent brings a week of content’ couldn’t be more true and this bank holiday was no exception. I packed my bags and drove to Dan’s in Chichester this Friday to then make our way to Weymouth Bay. Spending 3 nights with 5 of my best friends in our (pretty plush) caravan has blown away the cobwebs and refreshed me completely.

Who was I to say no to a cheap break away at one of the 36 Haven parks thanks to my job? A definite work perk! I’d never been to Weymouth before and it was actually voted the best beach in the UK this year – as good a reason as any to go visit! It’s a really cute town along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset with a lovely esplanade and lots of the usual seaside shops and amusement arcades – the typical UK seaside holiday destination and us staying at Weymouth Bay Haven park made for the perfect base to explore the local area.

Day 1 – The Friday

Me and Dan made our way there in the afternoon (along with the rest of the world it seemed) and enjoyed some car-eoke in the traffic. We enjoyed the last few rays of evening sunshine on the decking (wine for me, archers and lemonade for Dan) before Sal, Liss, Yannick and Lucy arrived. Pasta bake, cheesecake and prosecco in the evening sun was the perfect start to our little break away! I love the sound of the rain on a caravan roof, so when the massive thunderstorm arrived at 2am, me and Dan sat up in our room at the window staring at the lightning and listening to the thunder like little kids.


Shout out to Chef Yannick and Sous Chef Sally!
Completely normal caravan behaviour

Day 2 – The Saturday

Lazy mornings call for lazy breakfasts and Yannick made the nicest egg and bacon on toast for us all before we walked down the little path leading to the pebbly beach. It was overcast and very windy, but it didn’t stop us loonies skimming stones (or throwing them in my case), popping in the sea front shops and enjoying the walk. We drove into the centre of Weymouth to mooch around the shops and grab that must have 99 on the beach front. BBQ suppliers bought, we made our way back to the caravan where chef Yannick & sous chef Sal treated us to a feast – it’s a bonus being best friends with a couple who are amazing at cooking, a real all-inclusive caravan experience! Apart from the gas running out (Haven sent out the gas man within 10 minutes though, yay for Haven!) we had another evening full of drinks and dancing. After belting out Celine Dion in the caravan, we made our way to the entertainment where we enjoyed the shows and a few G&Ts.

Candid Caravan


Day 3 – The Sunday

Seeing as we were so close to some beautiful landmarks, me and Lucy made our way to Durdle Door, the famous natural archway in the rock near Lulworth Cove. It was suuuuper busy and cost us £4 to park up and see the thing… that’s when it pays to know any local tips for free parking and other natural wonders that may not be so popular. I’m glad I ticked it off the list, but wouldn’t go on a bank holiday again. Although, the number of dogs there made me and Lucy so happy. We must’ve squealed at about 15 of them and petted a 14 year old cocker spaniel called Emma who looked like she struggled as much as me with the uphill walk. The rain came down just after we left behind the over crowded cove so once back at the caravan, a few of us walked to the park pool complex for something to do. MISTAKE. A kid had been sick in the indoor pool (nice) so only the outdoor pool and lazy river were open. Luckily as we were already in our gear under our clothes, we could strip off outside (sorry to anyone I scarred in the process) and leave our stuff on the loungers before jumping in the outside pool. We lasted 4 circuits of the lazy river then made our way back to the van for tea and biscuits – is this what it’s like to be nearly 24? Turning to tea and biscuits when it’s crap weather outside? Yes, yes it is.

Durdle Door


For those of you who think ‘really?’ when someone utters those two words ‘caravan holiday’ – don’t be so quick to poo poo the idea! I am so proud to work for Haven and what the parks offer is a happy, safe and high standard base for that cute seaside holiday with your mates or your family. On average, us Brits go on 2.4 UK holidays a year (another fact from work – cheers!) and this is the perfect way to do it affordably and have a real laugh.

Click HERE to go check out my video of the trip! (Subscribe to my channel if you’re feeling nice <3)

A weekend with friends really is the best tonic for me. Getting a few hours away from home with my favourite people, exploring a new place and making new memories perks me up no end. Here’s to the next adventure…

With love and happy about having a 4 day week…



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