10 Signs of True Friendship

We all have those friends we can rely upon in a crisis, who can celebrate the highs and help us out of the lows. Here are a few things I know me and my mates do that prove to me that they are my true soulmates…

1. Spend a night scrolling instagram next to each other and call it ‘quality time’.

Yup. Sat next to each other as one of you is scrolling through some models insta, envious of their wardrobe whilst the other is looking at funny memes and shows you every so often. Quality bonding time right there.

2. Pull the creepiest/silliest faces at each other at the most random moments.

In the queue in a shop, from the car as you pull up, or even when you’re just next to them and fancy creepin’ them out. Strange faces are a mutual understanding.

3. Screenshot stuff and send it around. Sorry but it’s true.

Whether it be a meme, a text or even just a cute picture of puppies, it gets screen shotted and sent in the group chat to do the rounds. Boys, be warned…

4. Snapchat is a whole other level of weird.

Those filters come out in full force on here. Chins? Check. Bad angles? Check. Toilet selfies? Check. Definitely one of my main forms of communication with my mates and I have no shame.

5. Cover each others arses.

No money for that macdo at the end of a night out? It’s on me! Need a tampon? Got your back girl! Got to borrow an outfit? No problem. Those true friends have got you in times of need. Whether that be when hunger strikes for a big mac, or when we’re riding the crimson wave. Girls, we’re good at this.

6. See beauty where they see flaws.

I love this one. So many times I’ve been with the girls and complained about the size of my thighs or arse. And they’re the first to go ‘NO!! I’d kill for that bum!’. It works both ways. The grass always seems to be greener and you want what your friends have, but trust me, it’s about time we realise we are all pretty awesome in our own ways, and our friends think we’re beautiful.

7. Put on a film/tv show and proceed to talk throughout the whole thing.

Literally me and my girls every time. I can’t think of a time where we’ve actually sat in silence watching a film without some sort of chatter going on over the top.

8. Know each others cycle/bodily functions to a T.

Do you really think girls get together and have pillow fights in their underwear? Wrong. I hate to muddy the illusion but chances are we’re talking about how bad our cramps are and the fact that we’re bloated as hell and need a shit.

9. Support each others dreams, no matter how ‘out there’ they may seem.

You can discuss your life goals and not feel silly about anything you say because your friends don’t judge. You know they are genuinely happy when you succeed and there is no jealousy in sight. I feel very lucky that my girls support me in everything I do – especially this blog! Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing every time girlies – you know who you are!

10. You know where all the important stuff is in their house is.

E.g. the kettle. The fridge. The wifi password. You know, the essentials. It’s a regular occurrence for me to get to Liss’ and just start cooking us something in the kitchen as we catchup. True friendship right there.


All of the above make my girls what we are, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With lots of love and friend appreciation,





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