A Very Girly Getaway – Hoseasons February 2017

Wow, almost 2 whole weeks without a blog post! It seems I have fallen off the face of the earth, when in actual fact I’ve just been a busy bee with work and fallen ill with the nastiest virus which knocked me for six. BUT, I had this hot tub holiday with three of my best girlies to look forward to and it has succeeded in perking me up and making me feel ten times better. Hoseasons specialise in hot tub lodges in remote locations up and down the country and for a bargain £70 each for the four of us, we bagged a 3 night stay in Aymestrey, Herefordshire. 

It really was back to basics – no wifi, no signal, no more than 5-10 channels on the tv *gasps* – but it was just what I needed. I didn’t look at my phone for 3 days pretty much (only to let my Mum know I was alive – how sad) and I actually couldn’t recommend it enough. It was so nice to just wake up, read my book and enjoy a yummy breakfast with the girls without looking at my newsfeed or how many likes that Instagram photo got. It definitely made me reevaluate how much time I spend on my phone, even in the company of my friends.

The hot tub was LUSH. Always at an amazing 39 degrees, encouraging us to stay in and enjoy the bubbles for hours until we all shrivelled up like 4 old prunes. I don’t know what it is, but it’s so bloomin’ nice dunking you shoulders under and talking for hours even if it spits with rain or the wind blows. We worked our way through 7 bottles of prosecco over 3 days (4 in one night which made for an interesting dinner – be careful, being in the hot tub dehydrates you anyway so add alcohol into the mix and oops, you’ve got yourself pissed as a fart). Honestly, that night we were all questioning if we’d lathered our hair up in the shower because we were so tipsy and I was falling asleep at the dinner table whilst Laura tried to force feed me a fajita. We also did a bit of exploring of the local area (if one National Trust house and a Morrisons for more prosecco counts as exploring) and it was nice to get some air and absorb the greenery.

The lodge itself was incredibly cute, completely made of wood and warm and cosy. We had two bedrooms and all the utensils we needed to cook etc. It was so nice to go from sitting in front of the fire, to sitting in the hot tub within a matter of seconds. All the lodges are located in such a way so that you’re not overlooked, so we could wear no makeup, chat shit and laugh loudly to our hearts content with only the birds spying on us.

Look at our little Aymestrey Elm Lodge!

You can check out the little video I put together on my *new* YouTube channel HERE and see why it was so great! Please be nice, it’s my first ever attempt at creating a video like this!

All in all, girly weekends and holidays are amazing for the soul. Ultimately, your girls just GET you. They understand your habits, your thought processes, your idea of fun and no topic is off limits when it comes to life discussions. I may have still been under the weather but my girls took my mind off my symptoms, lifted my spirits and made my stomach sore from laughing rather than coughing! It’s not long until I’m away again with my girl Lucy in Edinburgh for more of the same. But for now, I just want to say thank you to my beauties Sal, Liss and Laura. You really are like family to me and always know how to make me laugh and smile, what advice to dispense and how much prosecco is too much for me…

You continue to support me with this blog and didn’t kick up a fuss when I was running around filming like some Hollywood director wannabe all weekend, and I love you for it.


With love and wishing I was still in that hot tub,



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