An Honest Perspective of Valentine’s Day from a 20-something

It’s February 14th people. For some that means Valentine’s, for others, it means sweet FA. I have to admit, I’m part of the latter. I’m not sure I’m a fan of going for dinner with lots of other random couples who are doing it just because the calendar told them to. What I have done today however, is show myself a lot of love. I put on a dress I felt great in for work, I ate a whole bag of aero bubbles without feeling bad about it, I bought myself a bottle of prosecco and indulged in a purple sparkly bubble bath. I loved myself and it felt so great. DISCLAIMER: I have had 3 glasses of prosecco before writing this. Here are my observations and thoughts from the day, beginning to end.


  • This time last year I woke up on a boat in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. Must not look at Facebook’s ‘on this day’.
  • Shit, why did I look. WHY AM I NOT STILL THERE.
  • Messaged all my girls letting them know I love them and they will always be my true Valentine’s (I mean, look how awesome they are ^).
  • During my drive to work Callum Scott ‘Dancing on my Own’ comes on the radio, rude. No need to rub it in mate.
  • Thought about buying myself flowers and chocolates to be delivered to work, like Cher from Clueless, to make me look desired and loved.
  • Realised I’m not in a Hollywood movie but at work in Hemel Hempstead. Big difference.
  • 60-something Chris on my team (we call her the Duchess – I want her to adopt me) gets 100 red roses delivered to her desk by the gent she’s seeing. Everyone melts.
  • I go back to my desk after all the fuss and feel a little deflated. Why hasn’t Chris Hemsworth sent me my roses yet? It’s almost lunchtime, what is he playing at ffs.
  • Paid £100 for a new tyre on my lunchbreak. Yep. HAPPY VALENTINE’S.
  • Had 3 grease monkeys at the garage ogle me when walking in. Did not feel desirable. Felt a bit uncomfortable truth be told.
  • Got asked by the guy behind the till if the reason I came on my lunch break instead of after work was because I had a ‘hot date’. Nope, I’m just in a rush to get home to do absolutely nothing.
  • Got back to the office and found a single rose on my desk…
  • WHAT. Do I have an office admirer? *squeals*
  • Hold on a minute, everyone else on my team has one too…
  • The rose was from Chris. God love her. She spared 5 from her bunch of 100 to make us lot feel loved.
  • Forget it’s Valentine’s all afternoon due to genuinely doing work (I know, check me out).
  • Drive home singing (okay, screaming) along to Jax Jones ‘You Don’t Know Me’ feeling like a sassy girl boss.
  • Drops in at Tesco for dinner supplies. I’m hungry. Oh god this is dangerous, everyone knows you don’t shop on an empty stomach. TIFF YOU ONLY NEED INGREDIENTS FOR FAJITAS.
  • Observes 3 middle aged men browsing the lack lustre Valentine’s card display at the front of Tesco. Tut tut.
  • See 2 other blokes carrying roses around Tesco in a last minute dash.
  • Thinks about the people these men are going home to. I hope they chose a nice card.
  • I’m genuinely shocked that I am the only person in the alcohol aisle. What the.
  • Prosecco or wine?
  • Wine.
  • I’ll grab a box of chocolates for Mum (me) because I’m so good like that (just greedy for chocolates really).
  • Nah, who am I kidding, it’s gotta be prosecco. Loving myself calls for BUBBLES.
  • Home. Realise my ingredients for fajitas somehow turned into prosecco, a bar of Galaxy, and an avocado. Let’s avocuddle. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)
  • Indulged in a purple, sparkly, bubbly bath courtesy of Lush. Well, courtesy of Lucy really, thank you! But now all my Xmas present is gone. Gutted.
  • Added £160 worth of clothes to my basket on New Look and Missguided*
  • Stuffed my face with fajitas and about 100 chocolates all washed down with 3 glasses of prosecco. Heaven.

So there we have it. I like to think of it as not being lonely, but being lovely. To myself. It’s so important to give yourself some love and a bit of a pamper. Whether that be food, drink, a new tyre (urgh) or a new pair of shoes. I’m currently raising my 4th glass of prosecco to my laptop, here’s to another year of being a strong independent woman in my twenties.

With love and midweek drunken vibes



*Totally bought the goodies online and don’t feel guilty about it. My advice? BUY THE SHOES.

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