Theatre, Food & Quite a bit of Culture Actually

This week was a good one, I visited a nice hotel for work, got a free bottle of prosecco in a conference goodie bag (yes, really.) and had two trips to the theatre! At Aylesbury Waterside Theatre I went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and in London’s West End I saw Aladdin. I bloomin’ loved them so much I wanted to write all about it! 


I love that Aylesbury theatre puts on shows from elsewhere that you may not get a chance to see. I bought a couple of tickets last minute online for the Wednesday evening showing of The Curious Incident (You pay less if you’re under 25, result) and managed to get seats in the stalls with a really decent view of the stage. I read the book at school – GCSE, 7 years ago wtf – and I really loved and connected with it. If you don’t know what it’s about, it all centres around a character called Christopher Boon who has Aspergers syndrome and finds his neighbours dog dead on the lawn. He begins his investigations and the play follows him as he tries to find out who the killer is. The guy that played Christopher when I saw the play, was Scott Reid. He really captured the mannerisms and characteristics from the book, painting a clear, first person view of life with Aspergers. The set design was so creative, really adding something to the whole performance. It was a chalk board type set up that reflected whatever Christopher wrote on the floor, onto the back wall and had LED lights and lasers and created a very imaginative space that transformed itself into houses, train stations, tube carriages and outerspace.

I won’t spoil it for you incase you haven’t read the book, but I will urge you to go see it. I laughed, cried and really empathised with the characters and a play that evokes all those different emotions is a good’en in my books. ALSO they brought out a REAL LABRADOR PUPPY on stage. I honestly felt every girl and woman in that theatre gravitate towards the stage and want to grab it for cuddles. Incredibly cute.Check out the website for Aylesbury Waterside HERE and see if anything takes your fancy, it’s makes such a nice change from the cinema.

Aladdin was at the Prince Edward theatre in London’s West End and it was the sparkliest show I have seen. The songs were amazing, the Genie was everyone’s favourite and it was amazing to see another Disney film brought to life on stage. Liss bought herself Aladdin’s magic carpet in fleece blanket form (true superfan right there) and we all got programmes (can you tell we were excited?).  Jesus we were high up though – vertigo inducing seats but still with an epic view so can’t complain. Go see it people, it was amazingly Arabian and made me want to dress up as Jasmine every day!


Food played a big part in this week’s plans. I had a yummy homemade dinner at Sally’s one evening, went for dinner before the theatre on both occasions and even had an afternoon tea during a meeting at work. If you live near Aylesbury, definitely get yourself to The Snug. 241 cocktails every day between 5 and 7. The cocktail menu is so good, full of the classics and some different twists and they serve really reasonably priced wood fired pizzas. Look at these bad boys:


We went to Chiquitos in Leicester Square on Saturday before Aladdin and I went for 3 little dishes of Mexican food – pan fried chorizo, a tortilla and chilli stack and chicken empanadas. Variety is the spice of life and all that! I also did a quick-fire trip advisor review to get our hands on a free pudding. Cue VALENTINE CHURROS:


My dose of culture from visiting the Churchill War Rooms in the capital on Saturday. It’s usually £19 but don’t pay that, get your hands on a London 241 booklet (found in most train stations) fill in your details and get 2 tickets for that price instead, it’s definitely worth a tenner. I’m a bit of a history geek so I loved wandering the underground warrens, visiting the museum and finding out more about what happened down there all those years ago. There was a cute cafe in there where we all stopped for a cuppa (I am 23, not 50 I swear). It was nice to get off the tube and wander around the streets of Westminster too, there really is something about all those old buildings in London.

Did you do anything nice with your week?

With love and feeling rather cultured actually..



P.S. Pam, I said I’d feature you in this post so… here you are!

Luvin’ lyf

4 thoughts on “Theatre, Food & Quite a bit of Culture Actually

  1. Nothing like a good musical to lift your spirits. I’ve always loved the theatre. And if you get to stuff your face with food beforehand then you’re on to a winner.

    Thanks for the mention. 😉

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